Starting Third iOS App

With RatScrew released and the initial marketing phase out of the way, Ukneeq Solutions is ready to start our next iOS app. As previously mentioned we have decided to do another game.

The game is going to be a retro style game that pays homage to one of the classics from the Commodore 64 and VIC 20 days. It was a game that I really enjoyed as a kid and think that it could be fun to bring it into the new iOS age.

Of course this won’t be a direct copy or even really a clone. We hope to adapt it to take advantage of the new technology that is in the iPhones and iPads, but at the same time we want the game to have the same feel while you are playing it.

This game is currently in the design phases and once that is concluded the app will get a name and an anticipated release date. So check back for details. Also we would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about retro games or games based on the old school classics.

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