RatScrew on Sale for Memorial Day

To celebrate the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, RatScrew will be on sale for free. The sale will only run from May 25th – May 28th. So for those that like free apps, this is a great deal. Hopefully this will also increase RatScrew’s user base so that enabling network play will be worth it.

Some planned updates for RatScrew include leaderboards, achievements, UI enhancements, and network play. These updates will probably be rolled out in phases. Ukneeq Solutions initially didn’t include network play because we felt without a deep user base it would be hard to match up games and we didn’t want people getting frustrated waiting for a match. We are also open to any suggestions our users have. So feel free to comment or email us and let us know what you think.

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One thought on “RatScrew on Sale for Memorial Day

  1. The sale was a big success. It added almost 800 new downloads for RatScrew. Hoping this will set a good user-base foundation so that a network version will be worth playing!

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