Office Quadcopter Launch

It is official, Office Quadcopter has launched on the Apple App Store. It is for both the iPhone and iPad. Office Quadcopter has been in the works for a while, but we were able to finally dedicate some time to it and get it released. We hope to work on improving the game and adding new things to it from time to time. We welcome feedback so please feel free to contact us.

Office Quadcopter game play screenshot

Not sure what Office Quadcopter is? Well are you tired of flapping a bird around, but you love the challenge? How about taking Office Quadcopter for a spin. Office Quadcopter is a game designed to challenge your reflexes and resolve. Pilot your quadcopter through the obstacles of an office that may be painfully too familiar to your own. 

Need a short break from the computer screen? Need something to wake up your brain from an ordinary mundane workday? Office Quadcopter is exactly what you need. You can pick it up and play a couple of quick games or keep playing as long as you want.

Sign into game center and see how your high score ranks against others who are playing. Feel free to challenge a friend and see who can make it the furthest.

Earn achievements as you play and progress your skills.
Earn achievements as you play Office Quadcopter and progress your skills.

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