RatScrew: Second App in Progress

Ukneeq Solution’s second iOS app, RatScrew, is under way and has had significant progress. The app will be a game based on the card game Egyptian Ratscrew. This is a fun and entertaining game that matches quick reflexes with pattern recognition skills. It will be a multi-player game with a single player mode. Also planned for the app will be a network mode, but this will probably not be available in the initial release.

Although there are a couple other apps on the iTunes app store based on Egyptian Ratscrew, they seem to be of a lesser quality. They appear to made by someone that makes apps as a hobby instead of as a profession. That is the beauty of the app store though. It is an open market and if people are satisfied with what’s out there then they are able to show their support by purchasing what they like.

Once RatScrew is complete, it should speak for itself in quality and game play. Ukneeq Solutions believes that once users see and play the game for themselves they will be satisfied that the app is a superior product.

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