First iOS App Submission

Password Crafter iPhone and iPad app

With the first app (Password Crafter) complete, the next step is to get it on the app store. Since this is the first app for Ukneeq Solutions, the whole process seemed very complicated. Luckily with a little patience and a late night I was able to get the app submitted.

Actually I submitted two apps. A “Lite” version and the full version. The only different between the two is that the full version has the option to create phonetic sounding passwords. Since it just doesn’t pick a word from the english dictionary some of the passwords generated won’t seem very pronounceable. Luckily the app allows you to generate up to 25 passwords at a time. This enables you to go through them and find one you like and might be easy for you to remember.

So now that both the apps are submitted it is just a matter of waiting for the approval. Checking around it looks like most apps are getting reviewed within 5 days. I’m hoping since this is a simple app it might be a little faster!

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