Basic Slap Jack Completion and Submission to App Store


Basic Slap Jack supports all iOS devices running iOS5.0 or higher. It also includes HD graphics for retina displays.

Basic Slap Jack has been completed and just needs a final round of testing. It will then be submitted to the iTunes App Store. For those that like card games this is a must have.

Slapjack, also known as slaps, is an exciting card game that varies from the norm by requiring fast reflexes rather than savvy card playing. Sometimes the game is referred to as Heart Attack. It is also very suitable for children of any age. The object of Slapjack is to collect all the cards by being the first person to slap the Jack each time it appears. It is that simple.¬†After you have mastered it you can try you luck at RatScrew. It’s the same type card game based on slapping, but more advanced!

Basic Slap Jack is anticipated to hit the App Store on May 16th and be available for free. So you can follow Ukneeq Solutions’ blog for the latest information or submit your email to be notified about news on Basic Slap Jack’s app page.

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